homemade Shamrock marshmallows

That's a marshmallow, baby.

Homemade.  Simple. Yum.

These are fun to make and delicious. 

We used the recipe provided by Baking Bites . 
 It was flawless. (I had serious doubts going into this.) 

Ours are slightly a mint green color, though it's not showing well in the photos. I added the food coloring when mixing the ingredients. 

 Next time I will use a larger pan so they aren't quite this thick. (WOW)
*Yes I used the pan rec. by the recipe.

There is something decadent, yet simply soothing about big,
 H U G E, ginormous marshmallows.

I felt six years old.  :)

We cut up the rest of it into big huge blocks.
These should come in handy in my hot chocolate

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