Ever have days where you feel like you're stuck in a haze, a funk, an attitude, or just BLAH?  Well hell,  I do. 
That's when I immediately run out and purchase my "faves". 
Faves = little things that pick me up, make me smile, and help me find my mojo again. 

These aren't expensive items. They aren't rarities. They are pretty. They are yummy. 

 I go with what I like, and by now darlings, I know. 

These lovelies ended up a birthday gift to a darling out there. But if it hadn't been her birthday, they would've been mine. 
(Evil laugh.) I was feeling altruistic I suppose. Usually I'm selfish. 

 OMG OMG OMG For real....Yorkshire tea was my fave. No longer darlings. This takes the cake. Run out and get some, it fixes all problems in the world, including self pity and body image issues. 

I love this tea. If I could marry it.....
"Okay lady, get a grip" -----I know.  

Have I told you lately....that I love you, (insert hot cross buns)....? 

(What is wrong with me tonight?)

I adore hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns. That song helped me learn to read music. Just sayin'. A bit-o-trivia.

These little babies have sultans and cranberries embedded in them. Toast these suckers and slap some butter on, it's heavenly. 

(Am I the only one who thinks of slapping a booty (a bum for my UK friends, not a Pirate's treasure) when I say "slap"? Not in a spanking way, but in a love-y way....or maybe that IS a spanking for your kind..hmmmmm ....No, this blog is not an autobiography.) bahahahaha

And on another parenthetical note, why do they say "sultans" so much in Britain? Aren't they just raisins? 

It's a wonder I can keep my car on the road, isn't it?


I ate my hot cross bun and my 42 cups of tea whilst reading my mags. Oh my goodness....magazines are my guilty pleasure. I could spend loads on them if the money tree would just grow, dang it.

Yes, History dork right here. Well, I'm in the BEST country ever--(for history)---in my unbiased Absolute Anglophile opinion.   ;)

I bought this for two reasons:
1.It's pink.
2.It's pink.

Oh, and my Mia is a Dino lover maniac.

I was feeling mean, so I told the kids I ate all the muffins before they got home from school. 

(I'm just kidding-take a load off, geesh.)

So, once mojo was restored,  I went into my sewing room and didn't come out again till this was done.

This is a crap photo, I have to retake them when the sun comes out again. I have yet to sandwich it and actually "quilt" it...but you get the idea. I used all scraps, and then (of course) had to add the leopard borders. That was a must. It's bold and bright. Hopefully it won't give anyone a fright. 

I'm starting to rhyme, so I'm off to bed now.
See you soon friends. 



  1. You are SO a gal after my own heart!! LOL!! LOVE IT!!! ♥

  2. Yay Susan, always fab to meet a kindrid! :)

  3. Wow you were into it! Ha,ha,ha,ha,so much fun to read this and start my day!

  4. Oh Natalie you do make me giggle! oohh that muffin tray would made fab dino crayons! oooohh I have some old broken crayons if you want to try it out :-) x

  5. So pretty! I love the colour combinations!

  6. Teeheehee! What a fun post!

    1. I had fun writing it Ging, thanks! I'm popping over now to yours.


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