Bird Sees fat balls DIY

I could've said Fat Bird Balls.

Just sayin'.

We made these with left over bacon fat, Crisco, birdseed, and stale bread crumbs.

I save every container (almost) that comes through the door. Obsessive. Hey-it's recycling.
Cut a whole in the bottom and string some twine through.

Melt the fat and add it to the bird seed. Ratio is 1:2  
One part seed, two parts fat.

Pack it into the containers really mashing it in tight.
Put it in the fridge for 24 hrs to set.

Then get laughed at when you cut the "molds" (containers) off and they fall apart a bit.  I blame the Crisco, I should've stuck with good ol' bacon fat. Can't go wrong with bacon.

I wanted to hang them up in the trees, but mine were too soft. So here they went.

Then later they went onto the ground, and the pheasants came in for dinner.
It was pretty cool actually. Pheasants are so pretty.

There it is. I hope yours turn out better. 

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  1. You can also ask a butcher for suet and cook it down, cool it, take out any solids, cook it down again, cool it, then add the seeds and shape. Woodpeckers love it!


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