A (few) ok maybe not "a few" but many pics of the mammoth table runner I made yesterday. 
Hip hip hooray!

It's for my fellow Anglophile friend, I love her...because she loves everything British. And she says she loves me. So there.

The binding is a designer cotton broadcloth named aptly "Royal" blue. I nearly collapsed with felicitous joy.

It's the little things.

At first I didn't like it. I mean, I know better than to actually "follow" a pattern.....


But then the skies parted and the sun shone. The binding went on like a charm, and there it was. 

It'll do.

I then ventured off to ship this doorstop creation Down Under to another lovely friend of mine, or shall I say mate?  

A set of six quilted place mats for another friend found themselves finished as well. 

When I'm on fire, I'm on fire. ;)     lol

But let's not throw a party yet darlings.........

There is some growing concern about my latest quilt, I admit.

I'm just not sure about this one.

A party in the front, and what  ___ in the back? Nothing? Really? Is this even legal? 

Whilst I sulked on the prospect of a blank backing for my quilt, I found this book. I have been looking for her for ages! This is what I want to do with a table and chair set that's coming my way very soon. 

I'm going to (somehow, someway) tapestry the cushion seats like this. (I hope.)
Or maybe not. Maybe I'll pay someone to do it for me. Yeah, that sounds nice. 

Oh la la! YES! That makes me want to do jumping jacks! Or jumping stars, as they say here on the Island. But nowadays that's not a good thing for me to do in public. So I will refrain.


So do tell what you are  up to. I so love your comments. I have a satellite the size of Asia Minor outside my window just to be able to dial up the internet, so if you find I don't reply, it's simply because I'm having to grapple with the internet gods...again.

deep breath

There was life before the web. I know, I know.

;) .....can you imagine it now?


  1. You have been busy and a lot of beautiful gifts for your friends, they will love them.


  2. I have that table runner pattern too, thought it was a bit ugly but now I see yours in the different colours I think it is gorgeous! Love the doorstop too, did you send that filled?

    1. I thought it was kinda ugly too at first, but it turned out nice I think...I sent the doorstop just stuffed, not weighted, she is going to add the weighted part there in Aussie land and then sew up the 3 inch hole with needle/thread. :)

  3. Love the table runner, I will not make one though as my table usually has my sewing on one end and we eat at the other, however the pattern would make me a brilliant set of place mats. Roll on retiement so that i can sew myself silly whenever i want.

  4. fun table runner! I think after this big quilt that I'm working on I'll move to some table runners. They seem like a fun way to experiment with new blocks without committing to a MASSIVE project!

    1. Let's see your quilt when it's done Sarah :D I love to see what people are making.♥

  5. Goodness gracious, when you said you had been busy sewing the other day you really meant it didn't you :-) Did I tell you I started a quilt .... don't get excited, I started it last January ... I mean Jan 2012 !! The shame! :-)


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)