New fabric is in! I am in HEAVEN.

These couture cottons from Michael Miller are sooo soft. Perfect for clothing. 

I had to.

These are for my patriotic makes:

This print by Alice Kennedy is just amazing-much better in person. Super bright, which I love. 

English-y and love (r)ly.
 (My 5 yr old always says "oh mommy that's loverly"....)


Tasha Noel

 Alexander Henry 

Yellow taffeta for a "Belle" dress.
I can't wait to dive in to this make. It will have row upon row of ruffles and lace and and and.......

Jennifer Paganelli ROCKS my boat. Majorly.
I bought out some lines (eh hem Super FLY) from my supplier. Yeah, for reals.

 I had to rearrange everything in the studio......
This is how it goes for me. I get something new, I rearrange everything. I annoy myself.

The stacks of fabric all came out, put on different shelves. 

This unit is the tools/ trims/ patterns/ supplies place.

Purposely white out-ed so you can't spy on current works. Muahhahahahaha (Evil laugh).

my business area 

A fabric and a book lover have a difficult time commingling. Space is a serious issue. I was once told I would die from suffocation of books. 
Okay with me if Mr Darcy is the last one I hear speaking. ;)

This is a project in the works: (Ms Toni R)

omg omg omg omg omg omg keeeeeeeeeeep cutting omg omg omg omg omg omg  still going....

And since I was feeling so inspired by my box-o-fabric I made this vinyl makeup bag for my sweet Aydrianna. 

See you soon. 
Macbeth is calling my name with a hot cup of tea. Ta ta.

Mia said I "absolutely must post this" picture she drawLed for me, it's a knight slaying a dragon.  Well done Mia. ;)



  1. LOVE love love everything here. especially the knight-slaying dragon. OOPS I mean dragon-slaying knight!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  2. Oh, your workspace is so nice! And I looooooove the English roses! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh goodness, this post gave me palpatations! look at all that lovely fabric .... swooooonnnn!


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