Dad fixed them. My machines from 1902 and 1912 that I bought at auction for a song!
(If I told you how much I paid for them your jaw would drop,and stay open, ---- like a catfish.)

They are fully functional.

They work.

They sew.

Thank you Mom for making him sit down and do it. (LOL)

He was really impressed with himself for making them functional again. I, on the other hand, just expected impressive results. I've never known my parents to "fail" at    a n y t h i n g .   

I've been so busy. (Isn't everyone?)

Here are a few glimpses of patchwork items I'm in the midst of completing. 

 I have no idea what my children are up to here. 

A patchwork clutch to match the shopping tote I made for a friend. I love this fabric color way---teals and reds just sing to me. Really.

I'll be back to blogging soon. That thing called life has erupted into an absolute frenzy of activity. 

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