I've been working ....
I promise I'll be back soon.....

Hungry Hippie is looking into revamping this blog site, which is no easy task with internet that crawls like a caterpillar. (lol)

Not only am I trying to update my site, but I've been working on new items, new ideas, and new tutorials to keep everyone busy this year.  From sewing, to painting, to kid friendly crafting,---it will be up soon.  I hope.  (Deep breath.)

Xmas break has proved fun and festive. With kids home 24/7 it can sometimes be a challenge to bottle everything up & take photos of all that creating.     ;D

**When does school start again? heeheee

wide mouth clutches with perfect corners

 fold over clutches with faux leather accents

I promised a reader this tutorial-it's in the works, P. 
Over 96 yards of ruffles....killing me. 
I won't show anymore photos or you'll agree I'm mad.

 It's always time for chocolate on my watch.

 Is that an alien crawling out from under the table?

See you soon. 

For real. 


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