DIY Valentine pillow felt applique project

DIY Valentine Pillow

* exterior fabric / I used oatmeal linen

My pillow is shaped oblong, 18 x 13 inches.
You can cut any size or shape pillow case, as the basic pillow case method is the same.  

Cut one front piece (mine is 18x13)
Cut two back pieces for envelope style pillow case (mine are 18x12 and 18x10) 

This allows a nice envelope, to be sure it stays closed and doesn't pull or distort. This also allows you to wash the case, yes felt can be washed.

 Air dry to be safe.

 Design your word with desired font. 

I did mine like this:

Open Word on Windows.
Type your word-mine is "love". (Obviously.)
Resize the font to 800. This box is right beside the French Script MT box, see it?

Then click that font box my finger is pointing to and click "outline". This way your printer won't use up a ton of ink when you print the word out.

We only need the outline, as that's our stencil.

I forgot to take pictures during the cutting out session of the felt. I had about 50 things happening at once...sorry. But I think you can figure it out. 

**Cut out your paper word first, then place it on the felt and use the sharpest scissors you have to cut it out perfectly. Go slowly.

Pin the letters to the front of the pillow case. Confirm the arrangement and then sew each one on,  stopping to turn corners slowly without pressing or pulling on the felt. If you pull even a tiny bit it will distort the letter shape. (Deep breath.)

Once the letters are sewed on, trim the threads and get on with finishing the back.

Take the top of one piece of the back portion and fold down 1" --press. Fold another 3/4" and press again. Sew.

Do this for each back piece, so the opening looks nice and neat and finished professionally.

Lay the top pillow face (with the word on it) face up. Lay the back pieces down on top of it, right sides facing. See picture.

Be sure the opening portions are facing towards the center, that is the "opening" of the envelope.

This is it finished-so in case I'm not super clear you get a visual. ;)

Sew all the way around the entire pillow. Then serge it if you feel like so, or pink the edges to prevent them from future fraying.

This is me serging.  Overlocking. What have you. LOL 

Fold it right side out and stuff in your pillow form.  You did it- well done.

I'd love it if you'd Pin this project or tag me on IG if you make something using my tutorial.


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