Bottle Cap Magnets DIY

Collect bottle caps.

Spray paint a color on back if you like. Or not. ;)

Find the super glue (I prefer E6000) --and magnets. Magnets can be sold at craft shops or hardware stores.  I buy the heavy duty kind.

Scrabble tiles:
(We've lost too many pieces to try and play the game.)

The kids can pick out their names, spell words, or just glue any letter in and make sense of it later. 

They bored of that quickly, so it was time to get out the candy sprinkles. 

Fill  up the bottle cap with sprinkles.

 Mix Envirotex Lite according to instructions.

Pour it in & let it dry completely.

Instant smiles.

I save ALL my plastic food containers for times like this. Envirotex is not something you want on any dishes or table tops used for eating. Cover everything, use a tray, and throw away the container you mix it up in. 

Glue on magnets and get ready to have a pretty little fridge. 

This is what I do since I can't buy a pink fridge.....(yet)......

Have you tried my candy sprinkle jewelry tutorial? It's HERE.

 This would make a fun little Valentine gift.

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