OH DEAR........

My almost 5 year old, (going on 25) loves to write, draw(l), cut with scissors, and paint. 

This was to be expected, really. 

I run a small business of sewing bits and bobs.  (Not to be confused with Bobs'.) It makes me happy. In order to keep everyone else (i.e. my loverrrrly customers) happy, I keep a notebook with a "master list" of my orders & requests.

Yup, it's gone...

Gone with the wind...

Or shall we say it's chopped,diced, & sliced to pieces, and put in a mailing envelope which was then sealed with a roll of tape.

Oh, my grocery list was chopped up too. (But I think that had an ulterior motive as she has been refusing to eat anything but ice cream. Hmmmmm........)

P.S. I don't give her ice cream...she eats when she's really hungry. LOL  I don't need any crazy mother comments here people. ;)

I could do nothing but laugh. 

I told her it was a darn good job.
The mailman will pick it up in the morning.

Oh sweet little child you are never boring, that's for sure.

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