It's been an amazing week here in Hippie Land.
(I refuse to let the tragic events that have occurred lately confiscate my mind. No. I have to believe the world is good. Otherwise, what's the point?)

Mia donated over 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love.
She is blessed with her dad's genes, lovely long, dark, thick hair. 

We had many chats on this subject of giving hair to "children who can't grow it because they are sick".

She was so pleased at the end. 
(So was mommy.)

 Ruby wanted her hair cut as well, so Miss Loren obliged. Ruby wasn't able to donate due to length, but we will send it in anyways to "offset costs" for Locks of Love as they explain on their website.

 My gorgeous, pink cheeked Ruby. (She has my sensitive skin I suppose, bless her.)

There they are.


Then to celebrate an amazing year for my little company, hungryhippie , I hosted a sale on the Facebookpage. 

ALL monies went to my charity of choice, Save the Children .

I hope some heaviness of the week is lifted with this short post.

I want you to know, whoever you are.....

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