Gingerbread House gone W I L D

Now I know why they sell "Gingerbread House kits"......

*Note to self: never do this again. Ever. Like....everrrrrrr.....

The dough.

Cutting it out with the templates I found online. 
 (I didn't know that was called a "gable", learn something every day.)

Mid Construction:

Yup, that's right-using sippy cups as support beams.

..........and toothpicks..............

Yeah, ummm.....I'm not a builder.

 At this point I told the girls "Look, we can make it sort-of Medieval and have open rafters on the roof instead". To which I received this look:

Here a wall fell over and crashed onto the floor. I started laughing my head off, Ruby was confused.

 I have mopped about five times since this crash, the floor remains sticky. It adds a nice sound effect to late-night munchie hunts.

This is the best picture I can offer you: 

Here is the roof: 



Since the house was an utter disaster, we carried on and made Gingerbread men. 

MUCH much easier. (Shew, wiping sweat from brow....)

This is all it takes to make Gingerbread Men:

 (Minus the silver sugar pot, my daughter has a fetish with pots, I find the most intriguing items in them).

Flour, sugar,baking soda,vinegar,molasses,cinnamon,ginger,baking powder, cloves, and Crisco.


These turned out lovely! Soft and chewy, full of flavor but yet not over-board. I'm not a super "cookie" kinda gal, I like my chocolate morsels, thank you very much. So for me to eat cookies, they must be awesome....(Que my sister visiting again so she can bake me her famous chocolate chip cookies---ahhhh sigh.....) HINT hint Kat.

I was going to share a tutorial on these old fashioned Gingys, but I'm over it already.  I bet you are too. 




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