DIY tea light lanterns from recycled glass food jars

Get the supplies ready. Craft/Jewelry wire (mine is 22 gauge , pliers, wire cutters, pretty strings for decorating, and tea lights.

Wrap. You might need to use the pliers to help you as the wire can hurt your lil' fingers.

Cut another piece of wire about 6-7 inches in length. Now wrap that on both sides of the jar looping it around the wire we just placed around the neck. Wrap it really tightly. Then once that hanging wire is secured on, tighten the "neck" wire. It's easy to do with some pliers, grab and twist.

Now decorate. We snipped fresh pine twigs from the garden, rosehips, and berries. Then added some raffia and there it is.

 Looking for pine needles and twigs:

Got bored so we hung over the fence instead.  Okaaaaaaay.....

Frugal. Fast. Kids can help out. My kind of craft.

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