DIY Christmas Crackers (sort of)

I forgot to buy the snaps--so our crackers don't actually "crack!".....but hey, it's still a pretty pressie to open. 

(You can find cracker "snaps" on amazon.co. uk FYI.)

We hide toys in this house, so even though these aren't new toys, it feels kinda new since it's been hiding for quite a while. ;)

The paper is normal wrapping paper, cut to A4 size, roughly. I just eyeballed it, and trimmed later if necessary.  To help keep the ends nice and rolled instead of squished, stick another toilet roll in each end to give shape, then pull it out after securing with ribbon.

 I find I only have to do that if the paper is stiff. If the paper is easy to manipulate, it's not an issue.

Don't hate on my ugly carpet, I rent. ;) lol

Dontcha' just LOVE my pink tree?  Squeeeeeeal! 
I snapped her up for only £4 which is like $6 -ish   (cartwheels).......

Now I need to finish the pink and white tree skirt.....Yeah, not sure that's going to happen for this Christmas. Ooooops. 

I love that crackers are also called bon bons. ;) Feels kinda fabulous.

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