Patchwork Union Jack Quilt

Did you know it's only called the "Union Jack" when it's at sea? I was enlightened during a pub chat a while back, and was completely aghast to think I'd been misusing the name/ term for the last three years. Oh dear oh dear. 

Here is my Union Flag quilt. Made with teeny tiny itsy bitsy two inch pieces. I love her.

The top before the quilting part:

I always said quilting wasn't me. Well, it is now.
Oh it was so much fun to piece this together and then free motion quilt it with my new darning foot from Howden's Sewing Machines in Yorkshire. I will be quilting now for a while. :)

 Practiced on the hot pads first. 

Then I just went for it!

The back is indigo linen. I love how the stitching shows up.

It's not perfect, but if I'm honest, perfection is boring. 

Don't you agree?  ;)
(Say "yes I totally agree Natalie, absolutely.") lol



  1. This is gorgeous (I didn't know about the Union Jack and I'm English so I think you can be forgiven!). Love the squiggly lines.

    1. LOL Laura! Thank goodness. :) Thank you for stopping by. xx

  2. That is a wonderful piece and I learned something new.


  3. yes I totally agree Natalie, absolutely.

    So after the mandatory part ... it was really nice to discover some of my stash in your potholder - Irarely get that as I'm usually buying "local" (=not American) fabric. And the quilting is really nice. I'm still debating with myself and the cheque book about getting a darning foot, but I really start to like the idea about being able to FMQ and as you iscovered - it doesn't need to be perfect to be beautiful, so maybe I have another pro new gadget argument.

    1. :) Yes, go for it--I think you'll see how much freedom there is with FMQ. xx

  4. WOW, it´s really great! I love it!

  5. Wow!! I 100% LOVE this quilt. And I'm British and never knew about the Union Jack thing too. Who cares when you make it look this awesome?!

    I've always stayed away from quilting for 2 reasons:
    1 - my sewing machine is second hand and very temperamental and we don't get along most times I try to use her.
    2 - I always thought quilting seemed a bit old ladyish and couldn't see how I could make it more young and modern.

    If I ever get a functional sewing machine, you have convinced me that I should have a go. Using funky fabrics and crazy swirly stiching is clearly the way forward!!! Thanks for the inspiration xx

    1. Thanks Gemma-I was like you, thought quilting was old lady-ish stuff....but darn it if I'm addicted now! I think it's gaining popularity with the younger crowd via The Modern Quilt Guild and so on.....google it, there is fantastic stuff out there.

  6. Oh its lovely love the patterns in the fabrics.Love Jill xx

  7. Well I'll be....another quilter has been born....congrats my dear. Now you know why it is contagious. You did beautiful work. I want to know about that foot. Was that for the Bernina or Viking? Great idea to practice on the potholders. They are adorable too. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you. Just never thought you would get into quilting....watch out, you might not want to do anything else.

  8. Wow, this is so gorgeous!!
    Your quilt is exactely what I had in mind for my next plaid. I was not sure about the white diagonal stripes, but the way you sew them looks great so I think, i´ll give it a try!
    Thank you!!



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