Easy Felt Thanksgiving Tree craft

The girls and I made a "Thanksgiving Tree". We talked about the things in life we are grateful for, that often times are forgotten because they are so basic. 


1. Food  (Mia said tortillas and Ruby said chocolate.) Good girl Ruby.

2. A warm & cozy home to live in. (I would argue the warm part but I'm always cold.) teehee

3. Family & friends (Mia said especially Jay). That's her buddy at school, she's in love.

4. Dinosaurs  (well of course).

5. Rainy days (I think they said this because I have them paint and make a mess of the house instead of forced laps around the garden. Hahahahaha Just kidding.)

Each leaf represents something we are grateful for.

Tea and dinosaurs included.

We decided to make this craft since Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we like to read this book.

It might be time to buy another copy of this masterpiece by Shel Silverstein. It makes me cry now days, like a Kodak commercial. *You know what I mean?

Mia hard at work:

Felt was from the Felt Fairy, here in the UK. She's fab. Her shop linky is here .

That's a huge mama jamma acorn there. My sizing is off.

I think we will sew the leaves to a base piece of felt, because after a week of this being up, the leaves really are falling! lol

Thank goodness the kids don't care.
They had fun making it. I didn't pull my hair out. 
That deems a successful day. xx


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