DIY Golden Pumpkins -make them with your punkins'

We have been making our surroundings golden and lovely. 

Borrowing things from nature, we gave them a good spray.

I've been known to go NUTZ with spray paint once or twice. A word of warning.

Buy some metallic gold or silver spray paint and give them a few coats. Nothing fancy. 

But it sure looks fancy! whoohooo !
Love me some blingy bling.

 The gathering and the painting (with supervision of course) kept them busy for two full hours. :)

After a break with some tea and fuzzy slippers, we made some natural present toppers. It seems November is chock full of birthdays for us. 

(I don't really have Cankles...they just look that way in these socks. Really. Honest.)
I feel the need to point that out to you. hahahaha

They turned out so dang pretty, don't you think? 

Oranges, Cinnamon, Anise, Lavender, and Rafia


To make the dried orange slices:
Cut them thinly, place on a baking tray. Turn oven on lowest setting, 175 C for me. Bake 4 hrs or until dry but not burnt. 
They will still smell citrus-y and delicious. 


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    1. I replied below -sorry it didn't go thru as a reply to you.

  2. CALF_ankles...you know, large, thick, no ankle appearance. LOL

  3. Ha Ha, my 'cosy' socks have the same effect on my ankles!! Love the dried orange slices etc....must try and make them for tree decorations!


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