All Natural DIY carpet freshener in a mason jar

Did you realize those parmesean cheese lids (yeah the plastic ones) fit Mason jars perfectly?
Right?!!!! I know.....  ;)

Here I made some carpet freshener with baking soda, cinnamon, and allspice*.
*Cloves would do as a sub for allspice.

Mix the ingredients, sift them into the mason jar, pOp the parm lid on, and go!

In a book about Baking Soda uses, it does state that commercial carpet fresheners are more granular-so if your vacuum is a good one, there will be no problems. However if your Hoover is dying a slow and torturous death, better off using the commercial powders honey. 

Yeah I'm talking to you, person who hasn't changed the vacuum bag since they bought the vacuum....
"Oh, there's a bag?"  Eh hem....eyebrows raised. LOL

**Make doubly sure you wash that Parm lid well....or your carpets will smell like---well---like ass, darlings. There is just no other way to put it.  ;)


Fresh carpets = happy mommy.

Muah (kiss)

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