Homemade creme filled chocolate cupcakes. 
Martha Stewart recipe. 


I ate two for my dinner, I'm not ashamed in the least.


In between my cupcake eating, I managed to sew a bit.

 The Merida dress sold to one of my loveliest customers ever. 
She even has the accent down, since she's Scottish and all. ;) 

I'm feeling hungry.

A few days later I made the chocolate and coffee creme cake by Pioneer Woman.


Coffee + Chocolate pure bliss
for real

Sorry for the awful pics, I was too busy eating cake to care. 

Yeah, that's my big 'ol wedge piece sitting there. 


I balance it all by not eating the next day. 
Healthy, I know.


My friend made me this flower brooch, so I gave her some cake. 

If you bring me presents I'll be happy to make more cake. ;)  teehee

See you soon, I have to get back to the sewing machine and cake eating. 



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