Halloween prepping ( ...sooooo excited!)!!

The ladies of Isleham Lidegate Farm made this cake for my girls. They are spectacular bakers! 

Mia just about went through the roof with excitement-she looooves "DraculaR"...yes, that's how she says it, with an R at the end. ;)


The girls were featured on the front cover of Primary Times, representing the Undley Pumpkin Patch.

I took that picture-hence why Ruby is frowning at me. LOL!

Sneak peek at a piece of my costume:

I LOVE Halloween. It might be my favorite holiday of the year. Seriously love it.
I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, so all those movies have been on the tele lately. All that wackiness agrees with me. ;)

We saved the seeds and planted them in the garden. I know it's early, but I've heard rumors that if you throw them on the ground, without much work at all, they will grow. 

This is a nice, blurry pic of our jack-o-lantern in the living room windowsill. We were telling ghost stories to each other. 
The girls came up with some truly scary ones! 
I tried my best to upload a video of it, but this internet I have is total crap.

Some bits from our Halloween night will be up Thursday.

What are you doing this year? :D mmuuuaahhhhahahahahahaha (evil laugh)....

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