A few Halloween bits.

Frankenstein door hanger. Here it's being put together. 
I gave all my door hangers hair this year. Don't ask. 

Did you know Frankenstein was eight feet tall?  
(Like he was real or something. Rolling eyes.)

This baby sold last weekend. I was so happy with him. It took me ages to stitch all those "stitches". The eyeballs are raised also-stuffed them with polyfill so they pOp out at ya. 

 I forgot to take pictures with my real camera. These are phone pics. 

And this is Zombie. My husband said it looked like a pizza head. (Booooooo.) :P

 I wear this every now and then....hahaha 

I have loads more to share, but I'm so knackered from all this stitchery that I simply MUST go to bed. 

These school runs are the devil. I think life was easier when the babies were at home all the time. Time flies. Flys? Which is it? Ahhh google you need to work right now. Darn crappy internet.

See you all soon.


  1. You are cracking me up with your post here lol! Love All things Frankenstien and your day of the dead stitched skull! Great job :)
    Shelly Jack

    1. LOL glad somebody "gets" my humor.. hahahaha :) ♥

  2. How cute! These are all ridiculous!

  3. Love the 'skull' one!! You must be 'dead' tired after all that stitching..Hee Hee.. :)


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