Some bits of England ...

That's my house ( I WISH!!) Isn't it just amazing? Ahh. 
The Brits do it right. 

 I this one too. Crooked and old, I think she is so adorable. (Not the lady there, the house. Where is your mind?)

 I fancy old buckets too. Wooden ones are so rare, and so pretty to me. I'm in Oliver Cromwell's house here. (Audience oooo's.) LOL

Black framework and window boxes-love it. 
Cathedral in windowsill view? = AMAZING. (Sigh).

 I need to photoshop this picture and fix the exposure, but who has the time? 
Till then I'll smile looking at that lovely street sign post. Just like the movies.

Ice cream trucks are so cute. I never eat the ice cream here though, it's totally weird. It's really frothy or too sweet-I'm not sure really what it is, but I don't like it one bit. Funny isn't it, how simple things can be so different in another country?

 Sweet ride.

 These doors are my favorite shape ever.....ever ever ever.

Time out for tea & cakes now. We had a mini get together for my friend Salena, she's now Stateside and I feel a void. I never get used to saying goodbye, even if it's "till next time".....

I just adore her. And her. And him.
 See my yellow ribbon around the tree?
 Yup, that's for all you guys (that includes gals too) still out there, hoping you come home soon.

Like my  church pew bench? Yeah, a super awesome friend gave that to me. 
I still can't believe it. :)

My best bitches: (Can I say that here? hahahaha  Missing a few ladies here, but hey, I'm across an ocean...)


  1. I love old stone homes, stone fireplaces and stone walls, lol.
    We have a lot of houses that were fashioned after the homes in England.


    1. Yes....love stone. I adore New England, I lived in D.C. and always went North...esp Boston...love it love love it. I imagine settling in Vermont or Maine sometimes. heehee

  2. I just love your favorite things and your musings on them...houses, bikes, doors...so poetic you are!


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