Books that have changed my life.

I picked this up for free at our Airmen's Attic. I have underlined it, written in it, drawn in it, and cried tears into it. Every single page is filled with utter & absolute wisdom. I re-read at least one page, every day. Sometimes when I don't know why I feel the way I do, not unhappy exactly-but perhaps a discontent without a name....well I turn to this with a cup of tea in hand and emerge a renewed soul.

This book can be read in one night. I did just because I couldn't stop.
 The emotional tidal wave of fear, disgust, weariness, love, and compassion that hit me is something never to be forgotten.
Why do we humans treat each other in such terrible ways? Why does history repeat itself over and over again?  How can one person ignite such a ferocious hatred towards fellow human beings- so quickly and effectively? 
Read it. History should never be forgotten.

I re-read this every night before bed. I'm not Buddhist, (I don't claim any religion to be honest,) but you don't have to be, to internalize this inherint wisdom and downright good advice to live by. I open a page, read a few lines, and think...daaaaang. Two snaps. That's some cool shiznit right there.

Emily. Oh Emily. I think I know you, or you know me. 
No one rips through my heart like she does. 
Tennyson comes close, perhaps....Maybe.

This book is an exercise in life, love, looking inward, and baring your soul. The readings are profound. People's stories from all walks of life, woven into a lovely book about living life to the utmost, even if time is about to run out. Or even if it's not. 
Really, really amazing stuff in here. 

I admit it. I am not a "natural" at parenting and mothering. I don't know what to do sometimes. I am too lenient, but yet I get to the end of my rope almost every night around 8pm.

 I was so tired. 

I started reading this book for the second time, and it finally clicked. I've been employing these methods now for a bit, and it has CHANGED my life. My kids are listening. I'm not yelling. I don't get angry. I don't in turn blame my husband for not helping me enough. I AM SO GRATEFUL to my sister for this advice. Read it. 
I think anyone, even if you're a super-mom, can stand to hear a bit of knowledge from these tried and true methods of parenting. Even if it's not your cup of tea, at least you know about it. 

Okay. More on books another day perhaps. 
These are just a few of my favorites. 

I'd love to hear what yours are. :)

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  1. Oh i'm so glad love and logic has worked for you. I had to pull it back out this new school year...xoox


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