Homemade Ravioli with won ton wrappers


Won ton wraps, ricotta cheese, bit of water, and olive oil to drizzle. 

Mix the ricotta cheese and any herbs you may fancy. I put in chopped fresh basil, crushed garlic, and a bit of salt. 

Plunk it all in the wrapper, dab a bit of water along the edges, and  pinch to seal .

Drizzle with oil. Place in oven at 350 F or 220 C for around 12 minutes. I like mine a bit brown, adjust to your preference.


  1. yum indeed! thank you much for sharing :)

  2. A lot of work goes into this, but it sounds great! The olive oil must add some great flavor :)

    1. It's not too bad Lisa, the won ton wrappers make it much faster than regular handmade dough....:) Thank you for stopping by again. Have a wonderful day my friend. :)xx

  3. Hello at last from you have got the recipe wonton ravioli's thanx soooo much, tutorials are great and so are you for shareing, hope full mine comes out renee let ing you know by


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