Fresh Starwberries & Fun

I had plans to make a Strawberry Shortcake ..cake....
But the 12 pounds of strawberries didn't last long enough. We ate them all in two days.

Maybe I'll take the girls back tomorrow and try it again. 

Run, don't walk to Lidgate Farm in Isleham, England to pick your fresh berries.  It is right past the church, on Prickwillow Road.

The chap is friendly, helpful, and loves his farm. He even let us use his personal bathroom when my 4 yr old needed to "go"....These days that kind of hospitality can be hard to find. 

Perhaps this week I'll post a strawberry shortcake recipe.

Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Oh wow! I'm so jealous. Thos strawberries look yum! I love the littlie's shoes too. So cute! Oh, and their coats. I'm not too old for those, am I?? ;-) xx

  2. oh wow, that is in our village, I have spent many a happy hour down there picking strawberries with my 3 kiddies :-) we even made our cub float down there last year - great to have strawberries at break time :-)


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