Things that catch my eye...


Obsession with doors. Not sure where it came from.


 Southwold, England


 Ely Cathedral, England

 Kings Lynn, England

 Kings Lynn  (Love those beams!)

 Carlisle Cathedral, England

 Castle Rising, England
 Such texture in these walls.

 Kings Lynn, England

 Tower Hill, London, England

Not sure where to look here, everything is so pretty.

London, England

I found this chair in Notting Hill, London.....
It was ALL I could do to walk away.

She is just SO gorgeous.


  1. Great shots and lots of ideas to add to a quilt for unique houses.


  2. I am obsessed with doors as well! I think that one reason is because opening a door can lead to adventure! Another is because it is an everyday thing and yet it has personality!
    Love these photos!


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