Mod Podge Specs Case

Do you have a boring sunglasses or specs case you would like to spice up a bit?

All you need is some Mod Podge, fabric remnants, and a bit of patience.

As we had a few hours of sunshine, the kids and I decided to put a blanket in the garden with our supplies at hand, and experiment.

Oh look- a spot of sunshine!

Put a layer of Mod Podge on the case in sections, attaching bits of fabric as you go. Then put another layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it all. Let it dry for 24 hrs before use. 

Internet troubles abound in East Anglia right now, pardon my very few pictures....they took ages to load. 

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Fun idea. I was thinking about getting pre made cases and attaching a punch, but modge podge is fun too.


  2. A truly fab idea! I have a boring navy blue case with the opticians logo on it (I hate free advertising) and I always struggle to find it in the drawer cos it's so dark! This will solve all the issues so thanks for the post! xxx

  3. Love these, I will save my old ones for you....I love the patchwork soft case you sent me too.


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