Grow a Garden in Tin Cans


                                                                 I'm recycling my tins cans. 

Did you know you can re-grow garlic from bulbs that have sprouted?

 Do this first so excess water can get out:

Fill with compost and seedling mixture. (I make my own compost and then mix it with starter dirt from Miracle Grow, for insurance.)

Growing a sunflower in a Starbucks mug.
Why not?

A caterpillar got to it, darn it all...

I found this trick on Pinterest. Cut the end of a celery bunch and stick it in dirt. Water, and watch it grow. Mine is already sprouting. I'll keep you posted on how it works out.

I also made hanging herb baskets for lettuce, cilantro, and parsley. They are thriving.

The "hella-good" salad recipe will be featured here this week. 
It's from my Mama. She knows her stuff.

Stick around. ;)


  1. I do this too, I love to recycle. I work in catering so bring home the catering bean and fruit cans which are brill for the bigger plants too.

    Will have to try the garlic and as for the celery!!!How brilliant is that? Never would have thought of it and yet it makes so much sense. Thanks so much for sharing all these tips

  2. What a great idea! If I wasn't so darn good at killing plants I'd give it a go.


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