Tutorial: Make an iPad Case

Make an iPad or Kindle Cover with me here. 
C'mon, you can do it-give it a go.

Outer fabric
Inner lining fabric
Batting (I like fusible batting)
Cutter and mat if you have one-makes it easier to cut straight lines.
One snap-either press on or sew on.

Cut two pieces of outer fabric, and two pieces of lining fabric at 8.75x10.75 inches.
Cut two pieces of batting at the same measurements.

Cut two pieces of each outer and inner fabrics as below for the flap bit. Cut ONE piece of batting.

Iron the batting (if you have fusible batting) to the lining wrong sides. If you don't have fusible, then baste it onto each piece of the lining fabric. Then pin the lining right sides together and sew around the three sides, leaving the top open.

Put all like fabrics RIGHT sides together and pin. 
Sew around the three sides, leaving the TOP open. 

SEE below.

I had already sewn that flap together darn it all......ahead of my picture snapping self once again.

See what I mean by "up", leave that top bit UN sewn.

Right sides together.


Now we have 3 pieces of sewn case. 

Flip the flap right side out. 
Press and top stitch if you please.

Flip the outer fabric piece right sides out. Press.

Leave the inner lining the way it is, wrong sides out.

Now pin the flap to the right sides top fabric, but ONLY ONE side.........look at my pictures.

 If you have a directional fabric, pin it so the side you want facing OUT is facing IN right now. Make sure the direction is up, so my skulls would be with both sides facing the same way. 

I did it wrong here, I pinned it with the inner fabric facing inwards. See amended pics below.

Turning it so both OUTER fabrics are facing each other.
And facing the same direction vertically:


Pin well. Sew it at the top 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Make sure it's sewn straight now, so it can be remedied if need be. 

Don't do what I did and cuss yourself out later.

ONLY sew it to ONE side of these outer sides. 

Now that your flap is attached, tuck the outer fabric into the lining fabric, like a sandwich. Make sure the flap is in, tucked in there nicely. 

See my numerous pics. :P

"Pin it real good"--ahh, pin it....pin it real good....ahhhhh pin it...pin it real good.
 Are you old enough to remember Salt- N-Pepa ? 
Bring it.

Pin it so you remember that on the side without the flap you will NOT sew

Like here: red means S T O P.

Green means go!


Flip it right sides out again. Take a deep breath. Almost there.
It will seem weird at first, but you'll see it. The inner portion will be tucked back into the outer portion, once it's out.

Whoa blurry photo....

Tucking the inner lining back into the outer bit.

Now sew that opening shut and keep sewing all around the top for a professional look.

Trim threads, attach your snap, and you're done. 

Whoop Whoop!

You could use Velcro as a closure as well, but after watching Ryan Gosling ridicule Steve Carell on his Velcro wallet, I veer away from Velcro.  See a trailer here .  (Watch it.)

(I just love Ryan, don't you?)

Now you can go play Salt-N-Pepa on your iPad....
awwwweeee yeahhhhhh.....

Maybe I've had a bit too much wine tonight?


  1. Hi! I love this tutorial, can I ask you where did you buy this fabric? Thank you

  2. Hi! GREAT picture tutorial! Nothing like picture to "say" what you mean. :) I actually made a laptop sleeve with a snappy button. I find that the inner button (the one nailed through the fabric that touches my laptop cover) sort of scratches a little. I'd veer off snappy button that goes through all the fabric....

  3. Love the fabric...had to track it down and hope to find the purple to purchase.
    Michael Miller Bonehead (day of the dead skulls). Seems to have come in grey, brown and purple at minimum.


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