Scrappy Jeans

I have these jeans....

They are "boyfriend cut" (a.k.a. super baggy and unflattering), cheap, thin, and sooooooooo comfy. (Sigh)...........I adore them more than chocolate
Well--maybe. If I could wear them every.single.day --I would.

  OK, point taken you're thinking.

Well, long story short, they were looking a bit---naff
Yes, I said "naff". It's a British word. I think we all know what it means, basically.

After some careful pondering, (yeah right) the hippie in me said:
"Hippie, we need to remedy this situation. Immediately."

This is what I did:

Loads of patches, hand stitching, buttons, and fraying. I cut into some patches as well, like a rag quilt, so that the edges are frayed up. I love them. I took lots of pictures so there will be a tutorial this week on my method. For my fellow hippies out there. 

 Ruby wanted in the photo session.

This was inspired by my Pinterest addiction. 
Here is the inspiration photo:

I'm joining in Michelle Patterns Pinterest Challenge week with this one too. 
C'mon join in the fun here: Michelle Patterns

Peace Out. ;)


  1. Very fun and I like your version better.


  2. Gorgeous, funny enough only last night I was trying to tidy my embroidery floss when I thought about winding them onto pegs, is that how you organise yours? I just didn't know if it would work?


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)