Quick Crafts

This has been done again and again, and I just love it.
It's easy, fast, and looks good when you're finished.

1. Draw around the canvas on the wrong side of your map. (You will cut this line next.)
2. Cut out the piece of map.
3.Apply Mod Podge to canvas in a spare and even manner.
4.Lay the map onto the Mod Podged surface. Smooth it out now-quickly. I used a ruler.
5. After drying a bit, apply another layer of Mod Podge to the top surface evenly.

Put it somewhere to dry. Done.

Perhaps do a series of three faveourite cities?
Mine would be Paris, Rome, and New York City.
 I might have to do four, as I do adore London....hummmm.....

Do you feel like an artist now? Absolutely Lovely.

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