Sewing a baby Kimono Top

I need to get my serger going again. Pinked seams look a bit home-y don't they?

This Kimono was supposed to be for my nephew. 
It turned out way too small, so I'll be drafting another a bit bigger.

 This pattern is in Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

I like this book, it has detailed drawings of the process, which helps immensely whilst learning a new pattern.
It does have some typos, but hey, none of us are perfect.

I've done the apron, the ditty bag, the market tote, the kimono top, the bloomers, and the head scarf. Today I'm making the house slippers. I haven't had any problems, so take the Amazon reviews with a grain of salt.

I just finished an artist smock from a different book and I must admit, I won't be doing another project from that book....one or two pictures does not help in a 25 step process. Anyway....

♥ Have a great day my friends.♥


  1. I use Weekend Sewing too, I find it to be a really good book that is easy to follow :)

  2. did you find the sleeves on this to be a bit puckery? i am making a third one, and wondered if it was just me.


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