DIY Waterproof Picnic Blanket

I needed a prettier picnic blanket than what's on offer in stores.
 I don't want to sit on red and brown plaid in high summer,
thank you very much.  (Gross!)
I hesitate to buy something with a tarp-like feel to it as well, so what is a girl to do?

Yup, that's right- make one.


Place fabric choices right sides together and pin all around. Sew 3 of the 4 sides together, leaving the 4th side open for turning later. 
 (I used waterproof PUL fabric on bottom, and cotton on top.)

The measurements of your blanket are purely your choice-I didn't want any seams running down the top, so I just used the entire yard of this lovely Lecien print. I wish I could buy it wider, but it is not available in 54" widths.

If you would like ties like this blanket has, add them now. Measure out 20x6 inch pieces, (2 of them) and folded them lengthwise, right sides together. 
Sew up the long open side, leaving a short end open for turning.
I think the ties add a pretty detail, but this step is optional.

Sewing the ties:

I forgot a picture here, but simply attach your ties to the open end of the blanket, tucking them inside like a sandwich, leaving the raw edges flush with the raw edge of the blanket. 
Like this: one layer  PUL fabric, both ties tucked inwards, then other layer of cotton fabric. Stitch across the ties only, then flip the blanket right side out.  

Now tuck in the raw edges of the opening and top stitch it closed. Top stitch around all four sides for a professional look.

Make sense?

Now go have lunch outside, on your pretty little blanket.


  1. Another great idea. I like Mia winking at you...and her feet in the bucket? ronfl :) :)

  2. I love it! I have that hideous green brown and red plaid blanket, and it's never left the house it's so ugly, lol! I need to make one! Is the waterproof fabric easy to find?

  3. How cute! This is perfect for the baby too. I like to keep him on a blanket when we're outside. He's afraid of the grass I think : )

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I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)