Home Decorating: current DIY projects

 Lots of painting going on here-my faveorite way to update old furniture.

I don't have photo editing services right now, sorry these aren't cropped appropriately.

 I bought this vanity at auction, so now it's having a rework.

 First I sanded it down and cleaned it. (Layer upon layer of dirt, grime, and varnish was grinded out.) I then painted it gold with spray paint. After a day of drying, I painted it white with enamel, then added a crackle coat glaze. It didn't really "crackle" how I wanted it to, so I sanded it down by hand to achieve a worn shabby look.

I have yet to put the handles back on, so once I do I'll post finished pictures.
Maybe a short tutorial too?

Still in progress:

I sanded this dresser down and painted it white.
Then I sanded it again- by hand- for that worn look.
I painted the handles gold with metallic spray paint.

This hook set was buried halfway into the ground at the house we moved into. A trash heap perhaps?
 I cleaned it up and painted it gold.
I like finding treasures in trash. LOL

We are busy making curtains too. These are in my kitchen:

I'm doing red and turquoise in here.

(I that color combo)

My mom convinced me to frame some of my photos and put them up.


  1. I love your makeovers, that vanity is going to be fabulous, and the hooks, wow!
    Kandi x

  2. Love the furniture makeover, it looks so cool!

  3. Beautiful job! I love the colors you choose!


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