I made these with felt from The Felt Fairy - the felt is so much nicer than acrylic store bought felt.  I will never go back. Really. (Thanks Annie!)

 Mollie's t shirt quilt. This was her first try at a quilt-(she's 16!!)
 It is AMAZING. This picture doesn't do it justice.
 I secretly plan to steal it....hahahaha.

These are adorable.

I would wear this apron daily-with my normal outfit!
 It is so girly and pretty. ♥

There are so many lovely items in the Feb Makes group, check it out for inspiration. Leave a comment for your fellow hand made artists.
The link is here. 

 What will you make for February?

Sneak peek at my current project:

(If you don't see your item featured it is because I can't copy your photos, so leave me an email with attachments or send me a blog address. Thank you my lovelies.)


  1. Thanks for linking up my tea lights x

  2. Oh my word! Mollie's quilt is fantastic. I love it.Very well done. What is she standing on in the pic though? It looks like another quilt. xx

  3. Those felt key chains are adorable! Thank you for the feature!

  4. I love the Quilt and that Apron is lovely. I would wear it all the Time also. Your Keyrings are so cute and I love the tea lights


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