Scraps Wreath

I made this wreath after a friend told me about a ribbon wreath....I thought maybe I could do it with my manic pile of fabric scraps. I think it's sorta cool looking.

What I did: tore strips of fabrics into roughly 2x6 inch pieces
I wanted to frayed look, so hence why I tore them.

Tied them in a double knot onto my wire coat hanger that I bent into a circle.

Done. Filled it as I watched a movie. :o)


  1. hi, just thought i would pop by and see your blog, it was lovely to see you at chippenham church xmas fayre, you made some lovely bits, why not pop by and take a look at my blog, www.bearsfootprints.blogspot.com ps my kids really liked your button bracelets and beer top necklaces x helen x

  2. Gorgeous! I was planning to do exactly the same thing this week...great minds must think alike LOL! We even made these with our little prep kids at school and they looked really good too, so easy and effective.

  3. Beautiful! You've inspired me to make one of my own! :)

  4. Ooh love this wreath darl :) beautiful! wish I had lots of really pretty fabric scraps to make one! I did make on out of torn red linen tho..also on the old faithful wire coat hanger!! Just finished lolly wreaths on more of the same coat hangers! look gorgeous..taste delicious! Cadbury's Roses..mmm
    thanks for sharing your Christmas goodness sweets
    ciao bella!
    jess xx


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