Make a gift bag from old maps or newspapers

I borrowed this idea from an old craft book from umm...the 1970's. I think Martha Stewart has done it too, but I tweaked it a bit by useing old maps and newspapers.
 Use what 'ya got!

Cut a piece of newspaper or map paper (double thickness at least)
to 40cm (about 15.5 in) by 21cm (8.25 in)

Mark it at the bottom starting from the left 10cm  (4.5 in)
--then 7.5cm (3in) and repeat.

 Make 1.5 cm  (1/2in) mark from the right side.

Fold/crease these markings,
then fold the top down and the bottom up like so:

Top fold down 2cm (3/4in)
Fold bottom upwards 5cm (2 in)

Wee ones can help too:

Fold over that 1.5cm bit on the right side to connect with the left side. Tape/glue together. Now you'll have something like this:

Take the bottom end and fold it in like you would a present, triangles toward the middle.
How could I word this more clearly?

Tape/glue it together and add a piece of cardboard or heavy weight paper to the bottom for measure.

 To reinforce the top edge tape around it on the inside.

Gather supplies for adding eyelets.

Follow instructions for the tool itself. I lost mine, so I wing it.
Put the eyelet onto the knobbed end, position it where you want the eyelet to go and press hard.
Making sure your eyelet is on the side you want -mine show on the outside.

mark and position:

Gather cord/ribbon/twine or whatever material you prefer for the handles.
Tie a double knot after threading it through to the inside.
See pictures.

There ya go!

Hang it in the tree, put it in a stocking, or hide it in the car as I quick "I love you" gift.

Great for sweets, as Mia demonstrates.


  1. That is such a great idea! :) I need to buy an eyelet tool so I can do this! Hhmmm....could you just make do with a hole punch? Because I have one of those. Lol.

  2. Such a fab idea :) I've used old maps as wrapping paper in the past but never though of making bags.

    Hello from Miss March for the Felt Fairies Monthly Makes Group :)

  3. great little tutorial and just in time for wrapping some of those xmas presentsif you dont post again then happy xmas x x helen x

  4. I am going to do this!!! I have many old charts (from flying) and they would make great gift bags!!!

    Love it missy!!!


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