How to make it easy for replying...

HI folks. Let's chat a sec about how to make it easier on yourself concerning commenting and replies.

I will show you how to turn off "no reply" on Blogger so that in the future people can reply to your lovely comments directly, via email. It's so easy. Literally it will take you 2 minutes.

If you do this, I bet you would see an increase in replies from commenting on blogs the world over.
My friend JoAnna over yonder in Canada showed me this, so I'm stealing it from her, for the sake of all Bloggers, of course. 

I'm sure she's down with that......♥

Here we go:
1. From your profile, go to your Dashboard.
2. Go to Edit Profile
3. Click 'Share my profile'
4. Click 'Show my e-mail address'
5. Enter in your e-mail address.

 Now I can reply to your e-mails and questions.
Fabulosity in motion.


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  1. Thanks for this; I thought I had it set up correctly but now I can confirm. And now I can get the email from you that tells me I have won your giveaway this week! :)


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