Holiday Spirit

Snow flakes

Keeping the chilly winds at bay with window draft stoppers,
AKA huge puffy "sand bags".

(Filled with some cat litter and polyfill.)

Out of focus wreaths: (nice Nat.)

I finished the fuzzy lined drapes and curtains throughout the house. Finally.


Still posting guard. Good job men.

Lots of tartan stuffed hearts hanging about.

Our Slimfast tree.

Dec 8, 2010 picture here...This day was so gorgeous. The freeze happened really fast, so this crystal whiteness was everywhere. Amazing.

So, are you in the Holiday spirit yet?
What do you partake in to "get into it"?

tell me tell me tell me tell me



  1. I LOVE wrapping gifts to get into the spirit. I'm such a dork and I have to put on a Santa hat and play holiday music while I do it. Tonight is the night! I'm so excited!

    P.S. Can you believe we still don't have snow in Chicago yet? Crazy!

  2. I am getting there very slowly (into the Christmas Spirit that is). Love your photos, especially the men in action :-) I remember that frosty day, I just had to drive down the fens and take photos, it was like narnia out there :-)

  3. Putting up the tree is what gets me in the mood...and then crafting awesome gifts for friends and family keeps me in the mood!

    Lovely pictures! I really like those little fabric trees!

  4. Love the 'sand bag' draught excluders Natalie ..... is there a tute on this?
    Thankyou :) x

    1. I can find a tutorial somewhere Catherine, or make one for you-it's just a normal draft stopper made with burlap or hesian. :)


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