DIY Xmas Decor: Make Snow Candles

All you need is Epsom Salt, Mod Podge, and a candle or two.

See the naked candle on the left, and the two snow candles on the right?

Pour some epsom salt onto a large work space, like a poster board. Pour equal amount of Mod Podge into a blob, roll the candle in it and then roll it immediately into the salt.

Set it somewhere to dry. Done.

 My two and three year olds helped me.

Feel free to "snow" some old toys as well:

I'll be posting my Xmas Decor soon.
Final crafty show is tonight....thank goodness.
 I need a Hot Toddy!

(I don't know any man named Todd except my BFF's step dad, so don't get any ideas! LOL)



  1. Hi, love this idea, but what is 'Mod Podge' ? If you could let me know (and where you'd purchase it from!!) I'd be very greatful!!

  2. What a lovely idea! Now I'll just have to find this Mod Podge and then I'm going to "snow" some candles and old toys...

  3. lovely idea with the candles, ps i have blogged about you on my post tonight. Where was your last fayre, hope it went well x helen x

  4. what a great idea!!! So creative! And love that kids can do it too!!!

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