Preparing for Winter

I'm busy recycling old jeans into draft stoppers...

Making new drapes with a fuzzy liner / double sided / out of this lovely material:


...and also working on several quilt throws in shabby neutrals...

Made with scraps, jeans, old shirts, and sheets. Backed with Moda Muslin.

With earlier darkness and colder temps, I'm finding myself pulled to the computer for virtual shopping rather than actual shopping. Could be a good thing?

I'm CRUSHIN' on:

UGG slippers via Amazon

Over the knee socks & stockings

oh dear!

Big Phat Chunky Knits via Zappos.com

 That shirt is amazing...lol!

I could watch this film 100 times and still just die. Of course the musical was amazing as well, but I was--10 when we went to see it? I think...? Didn't appreciate it as much as I do now. 

Obsessions on my iPod
(especially when in the sauna....sighhhhhhh)

Stay Warm friends! x


  1. I hate winter but even these photos are making me all warm & cozy! I love those slippers!

  2. Love the crafts on your blog!!! i can't wait to get a sewing machine so that I can try them


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