Make a Knit Fabric headband in minutes

Use old Tshirts, scraps, hosery,.... Think any kind of fabric that has softness and stretch. Reuse/Recycle. It's classy.

Wear one alone, layer them up, stack 'em....your choice.
These are so easy to make you'll wear one every day.

It's DARK here in England, so hence very fuzzy pictures today, sorry. Someday I'll get a room full of lights and proper camera equipment....someday.

Let's make some stretchy, feel GOOD on your skull headbands. (I can't stand tight headbands! They make me crazy. )
  These are made with underwear (knicker) elastic, the very softest and stretchiest of elastics.

Gather supplies: (I put regular elastic on the left so you can see the difference. The knicker elastic is piled up there, see how soft it is?)

Three pieces of knit type fabric to braid:

I measured on my head: The knit strips went from one ear -over the head-to the other ear. The elastic wrapped (stretched taught but not toooooo much) from one underside of the ear -back around under my head-- to the underside of the other ear. )

 Make a braid of the knit strips.
Sew down each end to secure the braid.

Sandwich the elastic inside the layers of fabric so it's a bit hidden. Then sew this down several times back and forth.


That's it. I was done in literally 5 minutes.

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  1. Oooooh these are really cute, now I know what to do with my bag of scraps :D


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