Hoot Hoot! Owls, short hair, and coffee cozies oh my.

I've been rather busy making my Owl Door stops, this time of year is always maddness for me.

In spare moments I made myself a French Press Cozie out of this awsome skully print.

I promise I have loads of makes and tutorials in the works.....just need to figure out a way to not sleep so I can load it all up onto the blog. Priorities. Sick children. Chores. Duties. It's alright, eventually it will calm down.

 I think I'll go make a cup of tea now. :)

And by the way, I wacked more hair off the other day!! I think I'm addicted to hair cuts now. Uh oh.

If you're on the fence about having short hair, let me just say it is absolutely liberating.
I wake up, shake my head a bit and go. (I wash every 2 days or so at night and let it air dry.) I feel fresh and confident, when in reality I was super scared of looking too boy-ish.
(A bit of smokey cat eye will fix that anyways, right?!!)

See you soon friends.


  1. Yes!! A tut is a must for those! Your owl and Cozie is super cute! :) Do you get those little name tags that you put on the cozie special made somewhere?

  2. I love the owls! Way cuter than anything you can buy in a store. LOL at you cutting again! You're an inspiration to girl like me who are too scared to cut their hair!

  3. Do you have a tutorial for the owls! I am in love and want to fill my house with them


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