Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

Wash seeds off:

Spread on pan and coat with oil and coarse salt.

Pull off squashy bits as best you can.
Roast in oven at 275 degrees F for about 15 minutes.  (That's 140 C my Euro friends.)

Enjoy! A fat-free salty snack.


  1. I regret throwing out seeds out this year. I just heard from someone that you could make the seeds with cinnamon and sugar for an alternative to the salt and it sounds so good!

  2. Do u really eat them husks and all?? I tried them once and couldn't eat them...horrible things! We only have them husked down here...tell me your secret Nat!!! tell me! I'd love to eat them..natural and free!! oh yeah! :)

  3. Great post.Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.


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