Cake & a Makeover

Sometimes life calls for eating cake at breakfast.
I feel no guilt what so ever about this.

While in this frame of mind, I made a decision on my "mom makeover" tomorrow.
I'm cuttin' it all off friends.

All this pony-tail-tiredness is coming to an immediate halt. Time for modern, edgy, short cuteness.

 I just hope I can pull it off.....(anxiety sets in....)

My most recent photo-- I call it my "paparazzi shot"....LOL
(Date night)

See that tired hair in the clip? That's every.single.day. Yuck.

My inspiration pictures:

While I realize I don't have the face of Sienna Miller or Jessica Simpson, I think short hair lends a certain statement.
 Don't f**k with me, because I'm fierce.

I can be down with that.

Who needs rules anyways?

Won't you join me, eat some cake for breakfast.
(Or share with me your makeover, I'd love to know what you did.)

(Homemade frosting: Crisco, icing sugar, vanilla, and almond extract. That's it. A minor miracle.)

If all else fails, at least I'll still have sugar.

See you Friday, hopefully without a bag over my head. (!!!)


  1. There must be something in the air ~ 'cos my hair is being chopped off on Friday too! It was almost down to my waist back in the early summer but looked pretty dire to be frank LOL I sort of went for a halfway-house affair and had it cut back to my shoulders but I'm now so ready for short hair once more LOL I'm going more for the Judi Dench style ~ as befits a woman of my mature years ;-D

    Here's hoping I don't have to wear a bag over my head come Friday either hehehehe

  2. I completely admit to eating cupcakes for dinner once in awhile!

    Can't wait to see the new look!

  3. Natalie:
    I can't WAIT to see your new hairdo! I tried to grow out my hair from last Oct. until July when I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt it made me look "ordinary". I felt totally renewed when I got it cut. Back to my (what was your word? oh yeah), "Fierce" self!
    Don't forget to share photos, girlfriend!


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