Things I ♥
Found in Norfolk, England.

Used book shops.
I adore old books.
They've lived.


 Bicycles with baskets. So romantic and sweet.

Blue doors. Blue windows. I can barely look away.

We visited a Lavender Farm in Norfolk, it was lovely.

Willow Trees. My absolute faveorite.

 I wanted this painting sooooo bad.

The beach, especially rocky ones. Yessssss.

Heacham Beach

What about you? What calls your name?


  1. rocky beaches for sure! I'm from the pacific north west and I don't think our beaches look like any other in the world. SO beautiful. :)

  2. I love love love old independent bookshops. We used to have one in town near where I used to live in Bury St Edmunds. I loved the smell of the place when you walked in, the denseness of the place as in the sound that was absent because of the thick piles of books on the shelves. The intimacy of the place, almost library like as everyone was enjoying the peace and quiet, while the faint rush of cars went past outside. I remember the small fluffy cat that used to live on the register because it was warm there and the worn chairs you could sit on whilst perusing your favourite books.

    Most of all though I remember the non-commercialism of the place and the intimacy of the family that run it and really really knew their books.

  3. Right on ladies!! I agree completely....both the rocky beaches and the intimacy of used book shops. :o) xx


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