Lest We Forget

10 Years.

It still hurts like hell.

images found on pinterest a while ago

See up to date construction on the new
World Trade Center HERE


  1. it's been all over the tv. Rewatching it all over again still grips your heart. You're right, it still hurts. For lots, there is an amazing story of survival of how they got out. For many, a sad ending of trying to survive. Who can believe it's been 10 years? Even though our kids are born many years later, we must still teach them about it and what it all means. Today I'm thinking of all those that lost someone and lifting them up in prayer, and for all those soldiers still out there fighting for our freedom. We must not take it lightly.

  2. We will never forget-who forgets pain, and the loss of innocence? It will bring tears, pain and remembrance that will never be forgotten.

    And the knowledge that we are stronger then we think.


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