Feeling a need for a change.......

Need a new hairstyle. Love the pixie cuts, but I can't pull it off. Maybe the bob with side swept fringe?
What about color? How maintenance friendly can I get it and still look alright?
Ahhhhhh sometimes being a girl can be such a hassle.

Here's a rundown of what I've sported in the last few years:

Pink wig (ha)

Asymmetrical cut with blondish streaks

My purple and pink "do" which was very short on one side, longer on the other.

Long layers in blond:

Very short dark brown bob--very business/librarian I think.

short bob-ish cut in black-I think this cut makes my face look super wide...eeewww

Longest I ever had it-not sure about what color this is?

red hair:

Never mind the no make up look...it was 100 degrees, Texas heat. Yuck.

What do you think? Need advice.


  1. Your gorgeous any way you wear it! Can't wait to see what you decide on next.

  2. I like the second pic with Mia the best.

  3. RED!! Definitely, you ROCK red. Any choppy/crazy cut looks super cute on you. Miss ya~

  4. You look awesome in all of them! I envy all your risky hairstyles and you're so confident in them!

    My favorite is the second one. What about a darker color with some chunky streaks in a lighter or brighter color?

  5. I've always loved DARK on you, with bangs. Lately though (in pics) I'm lovin' the blond!!I know, that's no help. I say asymmetrical- that's easy to do and go- and any color looks great. highlights look good with chunky, asym style. and those big bangs!! Wish I could do that. I'm going to need a style...haven't done color since Feb. Now it's my natural "ASH" blond. Who wants that?!?! and look at that little peanut mia!! miss you :(

  6. chop it all off ala mia farrow. you have a beautiful face and you will light and freeeeeeeee.

    I like your blog....love what you said about Stonehenge.....I want to go there one day/


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)