DIY Halloween Mummy Doll

I'm a big fan of "use what you've got".......so I applied it to make a bendy mummy without the Martha Stewart supplies cart 'en hand'.

Make this mummy doll with a clothespin, 20g jewelry wire, a bouncy ball, and muslin. Yesterday I tea-dyed the muslin, which sounds fancy but it's not. Just soak lots of muslin (a.k.a. cheesecloth?) in brewed tea and let it sit overnight.

After drying it in the sun, I sprayed it with spray adhesive and threw ground cloves and ground cinnamon at it.

Wrap with twine to secure muslin.

Cut out a felt heart if you fancy. Hot glue on.

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  1. This is great! I have at least a couple hundred clothespins here and I've been wondering what I can do with them (besides hang clothes!) This is a really cute idea. Thanks for sharing!


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