Sewing again.

I adore tiny little purse things, so when I found this pattern by Keyka Lou I had to get it. I've sewn up her Camera Case and Pixie Handbag previously. Ohh j'adore!

Notice I used my snap press instead of velcro, which can be a bit trickier....but I love snaps.
Velcro is so 1980's to me. (What a snob.) 

This is the Keychain Clutch pattern here.

....and this is the Swatchbook pattern below.

Little notepads tuck in the pockets--I need to get some next time I'm out. 

(Both are super easy to sew.)

It's been busy around these parts with school out, social obligations, and summer weather. Back to blogging a bit more regularly soon my friends. Thanks for being patient with me.


  1. Oh gosh, how cute are those! You should sell them! (maybe you do already?)

  2. So sweet! I just love her patterns and your creations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. Love it!! i am soo glad that you are hitting that machine again! We miss your input on the group!! Such a blessing to know such a crafty talented person!


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